Coating & Painting

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       Coating refers to the liquid or solid material which can apply as solid film of the floorboard and form the protective, decorative or special performance, such as insulation, anticorrosion, logo, etc.
Coating is one of the mainly family-decorated materials. We usually say the paint just one kind of the coating, the called paint’s apparent features are mostly liquid, and it can't cover solid except liquid paint coating. Now synthetic resin has mostly or totally taken replace the vegetable oil, so it is called coatings. Coating doesn't just mean liquid, powder coating is also a kind of paint belongs to the fine chemical products. The modern coating is gradually becoming a kind of engineering materials, and also very important in the chemical industry. 
ANISUN coating & painting equipment advantages: 
1, Compact structure: After carefully rethinking and contrast, we get the best solution for the complete set of the painting equipment with reasonable arrangement of the platform's location & height, and then the operation is simple and the machine occupation area is small.
2, Standardization: Strict inspection start from raw materials, regardless of the steel plate or screw purchases, welding by certified welder, all are in the process of standardization.
Standardization also including negotiation with customer, standardization of procurement, manufacturing process standardization, standardization of strict inspection, standardization of after-sales service.
3, With elegant appearance: Complete sets of coating equipment body, external structure of finish, welding, piping, surface treatment, painting, etc. all are included in the inspection system of our company, non-neglect every detail. Its appearance can be comparable with pharmaceutical equipment or food equipment.
4, Powerful production capacity: it can achieve dispersion, grinding, refining, and cooling, filtering, vacuum suction automatic and semi-automatic filling process. Paint manufacturing and paint blending can be finished in the same mixing tank, and can also be done separately in different mixing tank according to different process requirements.
5, High fineness: using the scattered disk, the coating material can be fully mixed regardless of in which kind of status. The horizontal sand mill machine can guarantee the fineness of coating by second milling process.
6, Using explosion proof electrical equipment: solvent based paint production equipment adopts high level of explosion-proof technology, and other electrical appliances also have the function of explosion.
7, Environmental protection: high-end sealing device for the all equipment, production process without obvious noise, no dust pollution, without excitant peculiar smell.
ANISUN coating & painting production line work steps:
1, Pre-dispersion: Pigments and parts of the paint will be in a certain ratio to enter the mixing tank for full mixing. In this way, we will get the desired pigment paste semi-finished products, and it can be prepared for the subsequent grinding process in the horizontal grinding machine.
2, Dispersing: after the mixing medium is pre-mixed with the wet processed into the horizontal sand mill’s grinding drum, the abrasive media will be in intense friction, collision, shear status with high grinding speed, high grinding fineness.
3, The high fineness semi-finished paint from the horizontal sand mill is basic colorless state. Then add the corresponding paste into the colorless paint tank according to the color requirements, if necessary adding proper amount of additive, in order to reach the standard requirements of paint. Note: it can be equipped with several paint cans just according to the requirements of the production process.
4, Filtering: Bag filter can screen out all kinds of impurities with its simple operations and structure. We can select different kinds of filters just according to different paint fineness requirements.
5, Filling, weighing and packing: automatically canned, weighed, packing processed.
6, Finished product for coating and paint.

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