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       Ink is an important material for the printing of packaging industry, mainly used in books, packaging, decoration, building decoration and other fields. Ink generally consists of pigments, binders and additives, It shall be presented in ink through the printing of patterns, characters and other forms. The main components and auxiliary components are uniformly mixed and after repeated rolling into a viscous fluid, called ink.

ANISUN solutions:
       ANISUN Company provides equipment and whole plant construction for printing ink production enterprise. Ink varieties including letterpress printing ink, offset printing ink, gravure ink, screen printing ink. ANISUN has a long history in the production of printing ink equipment. ANISUN has provided the equipment and the whole plant construction for many famous printing ink enterprises.
We have mastered the production experience of all kinds of equipment, including powder / liquid automatic feeding system equipment, paste automatic dispensing system equipment, automatic filling equipment, automatic control system equipment etc. Unmanned production system can also be realized. At the same time in the field of grinding, ANISUN Company also made a major breakthrough. We have developed a number of new types of grinding machines, and the product grinding fineness / efficiency has greatly improved. We provide the entire factory output, production line design service package, factory renovation and expansion project services, management consulting services, design services, to solve the problem of ink production. Product technical parameters can be set according to customer demand, the characteristics of the ink viscosity is very high, so the factory and the whole set of equipment shall need explosion-proof design. Different ink shall need different combinations of mixing, such as after accurate measurements adding additives, colorants or titanium powder materials. The finished product will be dispersed and mixed with sand or three roller grinding.
ANISUN ink production line working steps:
1, Various pigments and additives in accordance with the amount of different measurement are delivered to the metering tank or mixing tank in different order.
2, After weighing, the powder can be transported by dipping or air winch and added in a stirred tank. 
3, According to different properties and process requirements, with different dispersion, anchor mixing and other forms of combination, the material can be mixed and preliminary processed in the mixing tank.
4, Some varieties of ink can be directly into the finished product after dispersing. Some varieties of ink needs basket grinding, sanding or three roller grinding machine processed into finished products.
5, For large-single-batch factories, products generally require filling / capping / vacuum sealing/labeling process by semi-automatic or automatic filling machine.