LH Vertical High Viscosity Grinding Mill


Product details

KH series vertical sand mill, uses stud as grinding mechanism, especially fitted for high viscosity material such as paste  ink, (offset printing ink, printing ink, gravure ink, stencil ink) and special slurry material.
With the circular grinding process, environmental protection,energy saving, and small labor intensity, after the original slurry  preparation and the first rough grinding, pump into the circle mixing tank and delivery into the nano grinding machine through the  bottom pump. Make rapid mixer chaos with no grinding materials into the circulation tank at the same time deliver into it after grinding  and into the sand mill through the bottom pump. Come full circle until it reached the requirement of grinding. Generally speaking, the  volume of the tank is 1/4 of the sand mill flow.

Operational Characteristic·
1.Dual cooling for both rotor and stator, more efficient and significantly reduces the temperature generated during the  grinding process.
2.Grinding media with 1.0-2.5mm are acceptable.
3.The fineness of discharge material reaches can reach sub-micron.
4.Be equipped with manually or hydra-driven volume adjustment mechanism (sand box), which can realize low load  starting, and real-time modification of energy density, to complete difficult dispersing task
5.A magnetic filter with magnetic flux up to 6000G, which could completely remove the metal impurities in the  grinding process.
6.The machine is called almighty type because of its good quality. It can compose a production line with the combination use with a three roller mill.

 Technical parameters

Production cases